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The ACA is scheduled to take effect in January 2014. This expansion could potentially have great implications for counties and jails that fund the medical needs of their inmates.

Inmate Coverage Through A State Insurance Exchange

  • By 2014 the ACA requires that health insurance exchanges be established in each state.
  • There is a specific ACA provision related to the exchanges that could significantly impact county jails, which states that:
  • “An individual shall not be treated as a qualified individual, if at the time of enrollment; the individual is incarcerated, other than incarceration pending disposition of charges.”
  • This provision will likely allow eligible inmates who are pending disposition of charges to enroll in a health insurance plan through their state insurance exchange prior to conviction, or maintain coverage if the inmate is already enrolled.

Medicaid Eligibility For Inmates

  • All individuals under age 65 who have incomes up to 133% of the federal poverty level.
  • Many inmates will fall into this category because a majority of county jail inmates are young, low-income males who did not previously qualify.
  • Inmates can be enrolled while incarcerated so that they can begin receiving Medicaid benefits once released from custody.

Will Medicaid Pay For An Inmate’s Medical Bills

  • Unlike the provision allowing pre-adjudicated inmates to obtain and continue health insurance coverage though a state insurance exchange, federal law does not allow for federal Medicaid funding to pay for medical care provided to individuals who are “inmates of a public institution”.
  • There may be an exception to this rule however if an inmate is Medicaid eligible, continues to be enrolled in Medicaid while incarcerated and becomes an inpatient in a hospital.

While the expansion of the ACA could cause the above changes, many states are suing the federal government over, among other things, the new Medicaid eligibility guidelines. CRS will continue to stay up to date on these changes as they occur. For more information please contact us.





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